Banksy 500ml Thermal Water Bottle – You Are Never Too Young to Dream Big


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YouBottles DUAL water bottles are made of stainless steel, ensure prolonged use over time without altering flavors and odors, are bisphenol free (BPA free) and also offer a thermal maintenance of 12h for hot drinks and 24h for cold ones,

  • External layer in 18/0 steel
  • Internal layer in 18/8 steel

* all bottles are certified to guarantee the suitability of a product for food use.

You Are Never Too Young to Dream Big

Attributed to Banksy and/or Mr Brainwash
Santa Monica – Los Angeles, 2012

One might be surprised, but not all street art is “a Banksy.” Although it has a quirky saying attached about optimism in the modern age, or a child made in a black-and-white shaded drawing depicted doing something sweet. Even if you think it’s one, or you really want it to be one on the wall of that place down that street.
This graffiti appeared in Santa Monica in 2011, and the first reaction was precisely to attribute the work to Banksy: it is a little girl holding a bucket writing with the words “You’re never too young to dream big,” in bright pink that seem to come from her chalk.
A few months before the graffiti was made, the street art blog Melrose and Fairfax spotted one, and appropriately attributed it to Mr. Brainwash (aka MBW). Not surprisingly, MBW was about to open its major art exhibition at that time. And he is known to have an affiliation with the elusive British street artist himself.
So much so that there was some speculation (mostly debunked) that Banksy was in the figure of Brainwash or vice versa, largely stemming from the hype and mystery created by the Oscar nomination of the film “Exit Through the Gift Store.”

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