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YouBottles DUAL water bottles are made of stainless steel, ensure prolonged use over time without altering flavors and odors, are bisphenol free (BPA free) and also offer a thermal maintenance of 12h for hot drinks and 24h for cold ones,

  • External layer in 18/0 steel
  • Internal layer in 18/8 steel

* all bottles are certified to guarantee the suitability of a product for food use.

Hammer Boy

Attributed to Banksy
Tottenham Court Road, 2006

The Hammer Boy, is one of Banksy’s many street art works left behind in October 2013, when the artist created some artwork around New York City. Some of those pieces were removed, but the Hammer Boy was kept by the local company, which owns the store, where it was found. Now covered in plexiglas to protect art over time and from other forms of damage, Hammer Boy has become a reference point for tourists, visitors and Banksy enthusiasts.
A simple black silhouette of a child holding a hammer painted in a stencil, imitating for many the popular carnival game, where a person uses a hammer to hit a level, the contrast with the beige brick wall and the black color of the silhouette makes it resist the viewer. The use of fire hydrant, pipe and marks on the wall are a demonstration of Banksy’s style of using simple and ordinary objects.
Graffiti and its definition as a form of street art, art or simple vandalism are a topic of discussion and evaluation, but what is not in question for many is the inspiration and appreciation that street art provides to those who seek to transform mundane objects, spaces and lives into better and more artistic expressions. Street art challenges the artist and all those who admire it to see the world with a different and more artistic eye.

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