Why use a thermal water bottle

Comfortable, practical, beautiful: the reusable bottles allow you to hydrate yourself at all times, respecting the environment around you. Let’s find out all the advantages of using a thermal water bottle.

Made of different materials, different colors and different sizes, thermal water bottles are nowadays a widely known object. In fact, in a context in which respect for the environment around us has fortunately become a topic of collective interest, limiting the consumption of plastic linked to the use of common disposable plastic bottles has become a goal to be achieved.

Although of fundamental importance, this is not the only reason for choosing to use a thermal water bottle. Let’s find out all the advantages together.

The advantages of using a thermal water bottle

If I talk to you about thermal water bottles, some advantages relating to their use will surely immediately jump to your mind. But are you sure you know them all? Let’s see them right away:

  1. Respect for the environment
    As already mentioned, the use of thermal water bottles allows to obtain a very important result: to reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles , which are difficult to dispose of and a source of environmental pollution.
    Using bottles that can be used for a long time therefore makes our daily habits more eco-sustainable.
  1. Practicality of use
    Available in different sizes and made of lightweight materials, the water bottles are practical to take with you wherever you go .
    Just choose the format that best suits your needs and you can carry your water bottle in your office bag, school or travel backpack or gym bag.
    Using a thermal water bottle also allows you not only to always have your favorite drinks available, but to keep their characteristics unchanged for a long time. Cool drinks will stay cool for a long time even in the summer months, while hot drinks will keep their temperature and keep you warm on colder days.
  1. Resistence
    Thermal flasks made of stainless steel are designed to last over time . Once you have chosen and purchased your bottle you can use it for several years. Steel is, in fact, an extremely resistant material and, even in the event of accidental falls, it can only bring back small dents to the maximum.
  1. Aesthetic aspect
    You know, even the eye wants its part. And thermal water bottles are usually much nicer than a disposable plastic bottle .
    Monochrome or patterned, your water bottle can also become the ideal accessory to give an extra touch of color to your desk or to express your style.

Practicality and style: the YouBottles thermal water bottles

Made of stainless steel, YouBottles are the ideal solution to take advantage of all the advantages of thermal water bottles.

variety thermal bottles
YouBottles thermal water bottles

The YouBottles thermal water bottles are, in fact:

  • Made of stainless steel (18/0 steel for the outer layer, 18/8 steel for the inner layer) which does not alter the tastes and odors of drinks
  • Able to guarantee 12 hours of heat maintenance for hot drinks and 24 hours for cold drinks
  • Available in two different formats (300ml and 500ml)
  • Made in different colors and patterns , to allow you to show your style at all times

Do you love modern style? Take a look at our “ Street Art ” water bottles and you will surely find the perfect one for you. If, on the other hand, you have a romantic soul, why not choose a floral water bottle ? And who says that monochrome is synonymous with boring, when you have the trendiest colors available?

In conclusion, we are sure that with YouBottles you can find the perfect solution to make your daily drinking habits eco-friendly and, at the same time, to express your personality and to make the transport of your favorite drinks more practical.