How to wash a thermal water bottle: YouBottles tips

In order to make the most of the potential of your thermal water bottle, it is essential to know how to wash it correctly.

Thermal water bottle are an object that is becoming more and more important in our daily habits. With a view to paying greater attention to the environmental sustainability of our behavior, water bottles allow us to reduce the use of disposable plastic, a source of pollution .

Environmentally friendly and practical to use, our thermal water bottles can be taken anywhere. In this way, we can always have available not only water, but also our favorite drinks, maintaining their temperature for a long time.

However, in order to use our water bottles correctly, we need to know how to wash them correctly and effectively .

Why it is important to wash the bottle well

Bottles carry the liquids we drink throughout the day and are constantly in contact with our mouth. It is therefore essential that they are always perfectly clean to avoid the formation of microorganisms and bacteria .

Microorganisms, fungi, algae and bacteria love humid environments and, to eliminate them, a rinse with water is not enough: a complete cleaning of the bottle must be carried out .

It is important to remember that it is not only the drinks that “dirty” your bottle (even if eliminating residues of tea, herbal teas, coffee … it becomes particularly important in order not to contaminate the taste of the drink subsequently transported). Even if you only use your bottle to carry water, cleaning must not be neglected to avoid the formation of bacteria !

The steps to properly wash your thermal water bottle

YouBottles thermal water bottles are made of stainless steel , which allows you to transport your drinks in complete safety, without altering their smells and flavors.

To properly clean the steel bottles just follow these steps:

  • Empty your bottle of any beverage residues
  • Half-fill the bottle with warm or warm water
  • Add a few drops of dish soap
  • Close the bottle and shake it vigorously
  • Empty the bottle and rinse it until all detergent residue is removed
  • Let the bottle dry

Always remember that properly drying the bottle is essential to eliminate any microorganisms . The best way to get a perfectly dry bottle is to simply leave it open for several hours and wait for it to dry. Our advice is to wash the bottle in the evening and then let it dry overnight.

If you are short on time, you can wipe the bottle with a clean dry cloth.

And, please, don’t forget to properly clean and rinse the cap of your bottle too!

YouBottles thermal bottle composition
Remember to always wash both the body and the cap of your bottle correctly

Does it seem to you that taking care of your bottle is complicated? We assure you that, if the first few times you have to be careful not to forget it, cleaning your bottle will then become an automatic and absolutely quick operation. So you can enjoy your favorite drinks on any occasion and in total safety.