YouBottles ecological water bottles: defend the environment with style

Practical and resistant, ecological water bottles are the ideal solution to always prune water and drinks with you, respecting the surrounding environment .

The issue of environmental sustainability is nowadays at the center of public attention. In fact, it is now clear to everyone how the impact of our actions and our lifestyle directly affects the health of the surrounding environment.

If we want to ensure that pollution goes to decrease, we must limit the production of waste and consequently limit the use of disposable products to the bare essentials.

Where to start from? Why not from the water and drinks we consume every day!

Disposable plastic bottles? No, ecological bottles are better

Over the last few decades, plastic has become increasingly present in our lives, to the point that today it would be difficult to imagine our daily activities without the use of this material.

Surely the plastic is resistant, practical, easy to wash. However, its production and use on a large scale, especially with regard to disposable products, can represent a significant problem for the health of our planet .

In fact, plastic , a material derived from petroleum, requires a very long time to be able to completely decompose . Plastic waste that is not properly disposed of and recycled therefore becomes a real danger for the environmental ecosystem.

In particular, the seas and oceans around the world are at the expense . In fact, many plastic waste ends up in the seas, where it remains for a long time without being able to degrade. Plastic pollutes water and poses a danger to marine animals, which can end up getting stuck in it or accidentally swallowing it.

polluting plastic
Plastic waste is a problem for the seas and oceans

A first step to decrease the consumption of plastic lies precisely in limiting the use of disposable products made of this material. Therefore, instead of using plastic bottles and glasses in the office, school, travel or gym, from now on we can decide to use ecological water bottles .

And if at first it may seem strange or complicated to change our daily habits, we will soon realize how using a bottle to carry water and soft drinks with us is actually a simple and effective solution.

Protect the environment and express your style with YouBottles

We therefore understood that using a reusable thermal water bottle, instead of plastic bottles, is the only possible choice if you want to protect the environment around us.

However, reusable water bottles have additional advantages , which go beyond the environmental theme:

  • They are resistant and practical to carry and, very often, available in different formats, depending on the needs
  • They allow you to safely store the liquids inside them
  • They keep the warmth of hot drinks and the freshness of cold ones
  • They are beautiful . Available in different colors and patterns, the water bottles can be a trendy accessory to show off in the office or at school

YouBottles thermal water bottles have made environmental protection their first and main objective , but without neglecting functionality, effectiveness and aesthetic appearance.

monochrome ecological water bottles
YouBottles ecological water bottles

The YouBottles thermal water bottles are in fact:

  • Made of stainless steel (outer layer in 18/0 steel, inner layer in 18/8 steel)
  • Available in two different formats (300ml and 500ml)
  • Able to keep the temperature of cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours
  • Made in many colors and patterns , perfect for expressing your style

So, if we have convinced you of the importance of using ecological water bottles to help reduce human impact on the environment, take a moment to take a look at all the YouBottles in our Online Shop .

Romantic soul or street art lover? Do you prefer a more sober style or give vent to your imagination? We are sure you will find the perfect YouBottle to fully express your style!