Thermal Water Bottle 500ml Banksy – Flying Girl


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YouBottles DUAL water bottles are made of stainless steel, ensure prolonged use over time without altering flavors and odors, are bisphenol free (BPA free) and also offer a thermal maintenance of 12h for hot drinks and 24h for cold ones,

  • External layer in 18/0 steel
  • Internal layer in 18/8 steel

* all bottles are certified to guarantee the suitability of a product for food use.

Flying Girl

Attributed to Banksy
Bethlehem, 2004

The painting of the young girl looking up, floating, suspended from the ground only by balloons is, surely, one of Banksy’s most beautiful creations.
“The girl with the balloons”, since she is located on the Palestinian side of the West Bank wall, could represent hope; Let us hope that one day the Palestinians will be able to overcome the segregation imposed by the barrier that stands in their way. Moreover, it is clear that the girl is a child, perhaps signifying that it will be the children who will overcome these obstacles in the future, where they can finally escape from the prison in which they are now confined. It took enormous courage to paint on the Wall: while Banksy painted, Israeli security forces fired menacing shots into the air, pointing rifles at him to induce him to resist. Compared to other positions on the Palestinian cause, Banksy’s pieces have left their mark far more than any statement by the International Tribunal or the United Nations.

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